This has indeed been a long time coming for Larry June and Jay Worthy to gift us with a collab project. If you’ve been hip to what they have been cooking up in recent times then you feel the same way. The west coast link up is real with these two spitters and as we have officially entered the Spring season, the NorCal and SoCal rappers strategically cooked up some audio dope for our pleasure. Their new project 2 P’z In A Pod arrives just in time to cruise around downtown to and set the tone for the rest of the year.

“That’s really my brother u don’t meet many people in this industry that are solid and genuine like that,” Worthy said in a statement. “We really a team and it’s deeper then than rap with us, it’s family! Larry the only person who truly understood the Lndn Drgs sound. If you notice, Larry June the only other rapper other than myself who receives production from Sean House.”

It’s always a treat when Cali playas link. Larry June and Jay Worthy go together like rice and gravy and on 2 P’z In A Pod, they showcase their lyrical abilities in a way that only real spitters can. The underground scene has been putting on for years now and the two west coast artists just upped the ante with this release for sure. With rappers like Curren$y dropping some of his best music in recent times along with others, he passes the torch to Larry and Worthy show you how to do this player and lifestyle rap the right way.

This is the vintage sound of west coast rap and when two pillars from each end of the state can link up with such lyrical harmony, it’s a real smooth proposition. Check it out!