Just last week, Tobi kept the momentum going by unleashing the official visual for a stand-out track from Non-Perishable, the T-Pain-assisted “2hrs+” and immediately followed up with “Jelly.” Today (Mar. 24), he is keeping his streak of consistency going by sharing two new back-to-back videos for “Meaningless” and “Babycakes.” The latter track sees Tobi in his zone showing off a more up-tempo flow:

Yeah, call me just to say what’s up (To say what’s up) ayy, fuck me in the latest truck (Skrrt, skrrt)/ Fuck me on the regular (Every day), yeah, money like a regis— (Getting paid)/ Running ‘cross Amеrica, what you drawin’ weapons for? (What you drawin’?) yeah, nothin’ like a mеtaphor (Nothin’ like it)

Yeah, please leave my message board/ How you like the new me? How you like it? You can see right through me, psychedelic/ I’ve been gettin’ looseleaf, I just wanna blow trees

Prior to this LP, Tobi shared other singles like “Okay” featuring Dreezy and also made an appearance on “Areyoudown? Pt. 2” by Saba. Tobi Lou’s last full-length project was 2019’s Live On Ice, which saw features from Rockie Fresh, Ryan Destiny, LEJKEYS, and more. Tobi was pretty active in 2020 as well, as he dropped off plenty of singles such as “Endorphins,” “Pretty Much,” “Neither Here Not There,” “Student Loans,” “Skin Care Tutorial 2020,” “hot tub DREAM Machine,” and “hot tub TIME Machine.”

Be sure to press play on the official music videos for “Babycakes” and “Meaningless” by Tobi Lou down below.