Latto kicked off her 777 Tour on Saturday (March 19) in Santa Cruz, California at the Catalyst.

Attendees were able to witness The “Big Energy” rapper perform her hits and debut a new song off her upcoming 777 album. On Twitter, fans thanked Latto for the memorable experience, however, one detractor commented on a clip from the show prompting Latto to respond.

“Im crying this small ass stage and had the nerve to have some props. I respect it tho,” the twitter user wrote.

“Everybody start somewhere,” Latto replied. “I’m still selling out 1-3k capacity venues on my first tour. Doing a hour long set w amazing breath control & choreo. I came a long way. I counteract everything y’all say too btw. Watch the next tour.”

“Y’all be impressed by festival stages with tens of thousands of ppl that came to see 100 artists,” she continued. “These 1-3k ppl coming to see ME. Most new artists scared to do it cause they can’t sell hard tickets cause the internet hype don’t transfer over in real life…


The exchange which took place early Saturday (March 20) morning doesn’t appear to be holding Big Latto back. She later tweeted: “Can y’all tell me about y’all experience after every show? I enjoy reading them.”

Latto’s 777 Tour is a partnership with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. The Queen of da Souf will be on the road, making tour stops in Seattle; LA; Austin, Texas, Indianapolis; Chicago; Detroit; New York; Boston; Maryland and Charlotte, before ending her trek at the Tabernacle in Atlanta.

“Monster Energy Outbreak Tour has backed a lot of big artists in the beginning stages of their careers so I’m super excited to work together,” Latto said in a statement. “It’s been a tough year for a lot of people so I’m looking forward to letting loose and having some fun.”

Check out Latto’s Twitter exchange below: