Tobi Lou has officially shared his brand new project, Non-Perishable. The body of work spans 11 tracks and includes features from T-Pain, Chika, and Jean Deaux. He has been steadily prepping fans for the release by unveiling cuts like “Wide Open” and “Hopeless Romantic” over the last year. The latter track serves as the album’s introduction song, which sees Tobi handling an explosive beat with confidence:

Stuntin’ (Yeah), like my daddy (Yeah), if it’s got four doors on it, it’s a caddy, yeah (It’s a caddy)/ Baby wore board shorts workin’ on fatty, yeah (Workin’ on a fatty) bubble wrap red and black like I’m Cincinnati/ Wait loafs? (I got loafs) like Lebron (Like Bronny, yeah) headscarf on (Woo), like my aunt, yeah, yeah

Prior to this LP, Tobi shared other singles like “Okay” featuring Dreezy and also made an appearance on “Areyoudown? Pt. 2” by Saba. Tobi Lou’s last full-length project was 2019’s Live On Ice, which saw features from Rockie Fresh, Ryan Destiny, LEJKEYS, and more. Tobi was pretty active in 2020 as well, as he dropped off plenty of singles such as “Endorphins,” “Pretty Much,” “Neither Here Not There,” “Student Loans,” “Skin Care Tutorial 2020,” “hot tub DREAM Machine,” and “hot tub TIME Machine.”

In one of his only interviews from last year, Tobi Lou took some time to share a bit of inspiration with his fans by sharing some words he lives by. “Whatever you’re doing, you got to figure out a way to have fun with it,” he says. “Even if you love it, but you’re not having fun with it right now, you’re gonna have to turn it into fun. I live and breathe what I’m doing, and it’s stressful. I do so many things, but I’m trying to figure out ways to turn back on the fun, even in performing.”

Be sure to press play on Tobi Lou’s brand new album Non-Perishable down below.