Jeremih has officially released his landmark debut mixtape onto all DSPs for fans to enjoy. The platinum recording artist initially unveiled Late Nights With Jeremih back in 2012, and he figured this would be the perfect way to celebrate its 10th anniversary. The original project still spins like brand new, and the seductive opening lyrics from “Rosa Acosta” instantly transport longtime fans back to the early Jeremih days:

Rosa so wet, get Rosa a coaster, that booty’s so soft, just like my sofa and I don’t mind that out, you standing here gettin’ gorgeous/ Shawty all about that money, swear one day she gon’ Oprah and when I gotta run to the mall, she be my chauffeur

Late Nights With Jeremih boasts a star-studded roster that would still garner bragging rights today. In addition to the platinum single “All the Time” featuring Lil Wayne and Natasha Mosley, the original mixtape includes features from Def Jam stars 2 Chainz, YG, and Fabolous, as well as E-40, Gucci Mane, Sir Michael Rocks, Marcus Fench, Twista, AK, and Willie Taylor.

It’s been a progressive and exciting year for Jeremih, as he is working to make a full recovery health-wise but didn’t miss out on big opportunities in the meantime. He recently celebrated another accomplishment as he made his on-screen debut appearance thanks to “Power Book IV: Force.”

“Was nothin’ but good times on set playin’ Elijah for ‘Power: Force,'” he types with gratitude. “For the 1st time on screen, I met a lot of amazing folks who do it fa real. Always big ups to big fooli 50 Cent but also Joseph Sikora for helping me believe in me. Remember it was around this time last year I had just got out the hospital. Trying to learn how to walk again.”

Be sure to press play on Jeremih’s Late Nights With Jeremih album down below.