While undergoing a series of treatments during her private battle with esophageal cancer, Traci Braxton held on to the same faith many watched the family display on reality television.

In an emotional tribute shared on Monday (March 14), Evelyn Braxton, the matron of the Braxton sisters, shared some details about her daughter’s strength, courage and trust in God amid her final days.

“My dear sweet wonderful, incredible daughter, we slept in the same bed before she became so terminally ill all night talking while sharing so many secrets… she said with so much strength of faith, ‘Mommy I’m going to beat this! My healing is right around the bend.’ I replied with so much hope, ‘Absolutely oh yes, you will be heal[ed.] Baby girl without a doubt!’ Evelyn recalled. “As days, weeks and months passed, she held on to her determination that she could be an example for someone else that she could perhaps help them through this heinous disease !!”

“As I watched her every day her mind grew stronger & more determined,” Traci’s mother continued. “We prayed every day, we repeated Psalms 23 & Anointed our heads With oil. Traci maintained God’s Peace, she never complained she just knew she was going to get through this didn’t matter how it looked. Life was hers and she was going to have it!”

Unfortunately, the singer, who was known for her sense of humor, succumbed to the illness. As previously reported by REVOLT, she passed away on Saturday (March 12) morning. While mourning her loss, Ms. Evelyn tapped into her faith, reminding all that Traci has returned to the Lord. “To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord,” she explained. She also took the time to thank God for blessing her and the world with her lovely daughter.

See Evelyn Braxton’s full tribute below.