Some big news for fans of both Jay Worthy and Larry June — the two west coast stars are joining forces on a new project, which (as can be seen on Worthy‘s Instagram) looks to be titled 2 P’s In A Pod. Last week, they gave the masses a taste of what can be expected to with smooth “Leave It Up To Me,” which sees production from Worthy‘s LNDN DRGS collaborator Sean House and sees the artists rapping about their successes and lifestyles:

“Leave it up to you, a nigga be broke, I wouldn’t have no motherfuckin’ Wocky to pour, I wouldn’t own a GS and a mini condo, I had to switch my hustle up ’cause rappin’ pay more, advancement into streamin’ like I had five hoes, ’cause the stress, it was eatin’ me alive, no doubt, turned out fucked up and nearly burned down my house, started sellin’ weaves and that’s with Freeway Rick, it felt good makin’ a hundred K all legit, it felt good when I told the homies no more licks…”

Directed by The Daily Gems, the accompanying clip for “Leave It Up To Me” keeps things simple and to the point, with Worthy and June chilling with some crew members in a high rise somewhere warm. They can also be seen heading out to take in the sights around them.

2021 was a pretty prolific year for both Worthy and June, to say the least. Not counting loose cuts and collaborations, Worthy liberated the projects No Sleep For The Wicked with Sha Hef, ST. LGND 94, The Ballad of a Dopehead with T.F and Budgie, and Two4Two. Meanwhile, June kept his momentum going with Orange Print and Into The Late Night, the latter of which was produced by Cardo.

Press play on “Leave It Up To Me” below.