Exodus, DMX’s youngest son, has been battling stage 3 kidney disease. His mother Desiree Lindstrom, who was engaged to the late rapper, revealed the news while giving actress Racquel Harper an update on her child’s health.

Exodus is stable, he’s been stable since I had him,” Lindstrom said during her appearance on the “It’s Tricky with Raquel Harper” podcast. “He still has stage 3 kidney disease, and I’ve just continued to keep his potassium down, he can’t eat high potassium foods. He goes to the doctor very often… He’s an amazing child.”

Lindstrom’s revelation was consciously delivered amid National Kidney Month. According to subsequent Instagram posts, her goal is to raise awareness of kidney disease through her son’s journey.

“Exodus is an amazing child! Blessed to be his mother through this journey,” she wrote alongside a photo of her toddler. “March is the month that brings awareness to kidney disease. Take the time to learn about CKD. Knowledge is key. Thank you for the support @nationalkidneyfoundation and #columbiapresbyterianhospitalnyc. Prayers are much appreciated!”

Since DMX’s passing nearly a year ago, adjusting to life without him has been “really hard” for Lindstrom. Exodus, however, has been her motivation, especially as she studies to be an esthetician.

“I just want to build myself to be a great mother to Exodus,” X’s fiancée explained. “I want him to see that he has a strong mother that can stand up on her own, and I’m just trusting in God through the process. I go up and down with emotions. I have to really force myself to keep it moving, keep going.”

Her five-year-old, who she says inherits many of DMX‘s characteristics, has also been a source of encouragement during the mourning process.

“Sometimes it’s hard, just looking at him. He has so many different qualities of his father,” Lindstrom confessed. “So when I do shed a tear, he’ll be like, ‘Mommy, are you okay? And I’ll say, ‘You just did something that was like your father.’ And he’s like, ‘Mommy, it’s okay, Daddy’s with God, he’s watching over us. He’s our angel.’ I just thank God that he gave me a son that is like that. He’s just like his dad.”

See a clip from the interview below.