DaBaby won’t be facing charges thanks to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office for a gun related incident in January 2021, TMZ reports. Born Jonathan Kirk, the 29-year-old lyricist was arrested in Beverly Hills for allegedly carrying loaded and concealed handgun in upscale retail store, Gucci, off Rodeo Drive. He was taken into custody and later released on $35,000 bond.

The D.A.’s office decision to drop the charge rested on a lack of evidence connecting him to the gun. After local authorities were alerted and arrived, they initially were unable to find the weapon. However, the gun eventually was discovered inside the vehicle of someone included in DaBaby’s entourage.

Drew Findling, DaBaby’s attorney, relished in the District Attorney’s decision to not press charges against the Grammy-nominated rapper. “We’ve been 100% confident in Mr. Kirk’s innocence since the day of this incident and are appreciative that the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has made a similar determination,” Findling said in a statement.

On Monday, the “Rockstar” lyricist took to Instagram addressing his case and its dismissal via Instagram Story. “Told y’all that wasn’t my fye,” DaBaby wrote. “Now say sorry & give me & Roddy that Grammy we was supposed to win.”

While he escaped one incident, DaBaby is still on the hook for charges following his bowling brawl Brandon Bills, singer DaniLeigh’s brother. Footage was recorded of the fight but TMZ reports that law enforcement may be hesitant to pursue charges for a low-level crime. The two entertainers share a daughter together whose name has yet to be revealed to the public.