Breonna Taylor’s family has responded after Brett Hankison, one of the ex-Louisville cops who fired bullets into her apartment during their fatal raid, was found not guilty by a jury yesterday (March 3). As reported by REVOLT, Hankison was previously charged with three counts of wanton endangerment for shooting into Taylor’s home and potentially endangering her neighbors, but was acquitted.

Hankison was the only cop charged — out of the three who raided Taylor’s home — and was not charged with any offenses directly related to her death.

After the jury delivered a not guilty verdict on Thursday, Taylor’s sister Juniyah Palmer reacted on Facebook.

“It’s like they constantly walk over my sister! I’m so tired of this injustice ass system!!” she wrote. “How do ANYBODY find this man not guilty on EVERYTHING?”

Upset by the verdict, Taylor’s mother walked out of the courtroom on Thursday, refusing to speak to the media. However, later that day, she wrote in a Facebook post, “To be clear these charges were not for Breonna Taylor but nevertheless he should of been found guilty…”

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer also reacted to the verdict in a statement, saying the decision added to the community’s “frustration” and “anger” over Taylor’s 2020 death.

“While the conduct considered in this case was not specific to Breonna Taylor’s death, the fact remains that she should not have died that night, and I know that for many, justice has still not been achieved,” he said. “For Metro Government, we remain focused on ensuring this never happens again, with a singular determination to build greater trust between LMPD and the larger community they are sworn to protect and serve.”

The city banned no-knock search warrants two years ago. In his statement, Mayor Fischer said the local government also plans to create a civilian review and accountability board and conduct a “top-to-bottom” review of the police department, among other initiatives. See Taylor’s mother’s and sister’s posts below.