T.I.’s unconditional love for his daughter Deyjah Harris was on full display following her self-harm admission.

The 20-year-old surprised fans on Tuesday (March 1) when she revealed her self-inflicted scars on Instagram. In the post, shared in honor of Self-injury Awareness Day, Harris included encouraging words to fellow victims of self-harm. She also took some time to thank her parents for “being patient” amid her mental health struggles.

“Anytime i might’ve returned back to square one, y’all were always working together to figure out what it is that y’all can do to make life worth living for me… and i genuinely appreciate everything you both have done for me,” she wrote. “I thank you for never giving up on me no matter how much bullshit i might’ve put you through. Whether it was paying for years of therapy + God knows what else, i thank you for standing by my side no matter what… no matter who might’ve judged me. honestly, if it weren’t for y’all ain’t no telling where i’d be in life at the moment… so i thank you.”

Getting wind of the post, T.I. offered his support with a loving message to his daughter. “Ain’t no other way baby bear. We ALL Love you to no end,” he penned in the comments. “Through any & everything life has to offer. Good Bad or Worse… I Ain’t Never goin nowhere & ain’t nothing ever too big or small to bring my way. It’s US til da world BUST!!!! You know we 4LIFERS‼️ @deyjahimani.”

Harris’ mother Ms. Nico also praised her “beautiful” post and sent prayers to those fighting their own battles. “THIS WAS SO BEAUTIFUL SWEET BABY,” she wrote. “NEVER LET ANY ONE/THING DIM YOUR LIGHT, OR TAKE YOUR EYES OFF THE PRIZE. I PRAY LOVE AND HEALING FOR EVERYONE DEALING WITH THINGS SPOKEN OR UNSPOKEN.”

See Harris’ post below.