A talented artist pulled out of a live gallery presentation after a group of his supporters was denied entry into the event. Taking to Instagram on Monday (Feb. 28), Rahm Bowen recalled the disagreement that led to his departure.

According to the artist, his work was being featured in a presentation on Sunday (Feb. 27), so he invited a few people to support him. After realizing that only some were able to get in, he addressed the curator and was informed that he had too many people at the event. The others, he was told, would have to purchase tickets on Eventbrite to be permitted entry.

“That’s kinda tacky, that’s tacky to me that you expect me to be like, ‘Hey y’all pulled out, all these other people got in for free, now ya’ll gotta pay to come in unknowingly,’” Bowen said of the curator’s “unprofessional” response. His offer to Cash App the money for the tickets, he added, was initially ignored and later met with continued requests to purchase the tickets from the site. Eager to get his supporters into the presentation, he looked up Eventbrite and discovered that it cost $60 to enter the event.

Bowen claimed he did not consent to charge “people of my community to come and experience my work.” “I would never have agreed to do that,” he continued. “I don’t think it’s appropriate at all.” Eventually, he grew uncomfortable and decided to leave the event with all of his contributions.

In the caption to his Instagram post, he apologized to those who were unable to show up for him that night. “My apologies to the people who came out to the show last night and was met with that unwelcoming energy..,” he wrote. He also issued a warning to those interested in future collaborations: “For anyone wanting to work with me in any capacity if you are around me with ill intent or weird motives, move around.”

See Bowen’s full post below.