/  02.25.2022

Drakeo the Ruler’s brother has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Live Nation and others, TMZ reports. According to the outlet, Ralfy the Plug claims Drakeo’s life was in jeopardy the moment he arrived at the Once Upon A Time in LA festival, where he was tragically fatally stabbed last December.

In legal documents, Ralfy said his brother was attacked by a “violent mob” of 50 to 100 people within minutes of arriving. The mob of people, some of whom were armed with knives, attacked the “Talk to Me” rapper and his crew for 15 minutes, the suit claims.

Ralfy blames promoters’ and the venue’s “lackadaisical to totally absent” security measures for his brother’s death. According to the “Just Retire” rapper, the venue’s two “checkpoints” were less than secure, with the first being a booth with two unarmed staff members. The second checkpoint had a metal detector, drug-sniffing dogs and security guards, but not every car was searched, he says.

Amidst the chaos, Ralfy says it took 30 minutes for emergency personnel to reach Drakeo so they could take him to the hospital, where he passed away.

According to Rolling Stone, Ralfy filed the lawsuit along with other members of Drakeo’s Stinc Team. They blame Live Nation, C3 Presents, Bobby Dee Presents and others for Drakeo’s untimely death as well as their own “severe physical and emotional harm.”

“While (the plaintiffs) defended themselves bravely, the attack continued relentlessly until one of the assailants struck Drakeo in the neck with what turned out to be a fatal knife wound,” the suit reads. “Plaintiff Devante Caldwell (Ralfy the Plug) was shoulder to shoulder with his brother and best friend Drakeo, and witnessed the blow from inches away when it was delivered.”

According to TMZ, Ralfy and others are suing the companies for “millions in damages,” though the exact sum has not been disclosed.

Once Upon a Time in LA joins Drakeo’s family, friends and fans in grieving his loss,” a representative for the festival told the outlet. “The festival is continuing to support local authorities in their investigation as they pursue the facts.”


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