At the top of the month, YKG Hotboy dropped off his latest single “Another Day,” which sees production from Eardrummer’s Resource and sees the Texas talent providing vivid bars about how he uses his 24 hours:

Wake up early in the morning just to get to the dough, brush my teeth and wash my face, and then I put on my clothes, hit the kitchen, whip a eighth, the junkies lined at the do’, niggas mad ’cause they ain’t ate, I swear these niggas some clones, hit my cells and grab my keys, go to my brother house, hol’ up, hol’ up, wait, forgot my weed, I need my Brussels sprouts, anyway, it’s time to leave, no time to fumble out, I got my cup, it’s full of lean, it got me mumbled out…”

Directed by Julian MTZ, the accompanying clip for “Another Day” takes us through just that, beginning with Hotboy waking up in his bedroom and getting himself ready for what’s ahead of him. Throughout the video, Hotboy can be seen indulging in his preferred vices, preparing his product with a beautiful women assisting, and serving cannabis to customers — one of which happens to be a police officer he passed by earlier. All in a day’s work, indeed.

Prior to “Another Day,” the past few years have seemingly been sparse for YKG Hotboy from a musical standpoint, with a couple of loose cuts — 2019’s “Birth of Hotboy” and 2020’s “Friday” — and collaborations alongside his Young Kings Global compadres Kilogwopay and Moneymancam. A YouTube search also bears some quality visuals for tracks like “Take Off,” “What’s The Play,” “Man Of The Hour,” “Pressure,” “Double Amount,” “Like I’m Zeus,” and “Respect.”

Press play on YGK Hotboy‘s “Another Day” video below. Hopefully, there’s plenty more music to come from him and his crew soon.