T.I., a well-known rapper, philanthropist and actor among other things, has been trying his hand at comedy, and now, it seems to be paying off. The Paper Trail artist announced that he will be performing at Shaquille O’ Neal‘s All-Star Comedy Jam as a special guest comedian.

Tip’s interest in comedy was first reported when he was spotted at a small club nearly three weeks ago. In clips shared on Tiny’s Instagram Stories and on other social media accounts, he was captured as he joked about cheating in relationships. In his most recent appearance, he took the stage at The Laugh Factory in Los Angeles, where his plastic surgery joke seemingly got approval from some of the members of the crowd.

“If you got saggy titties you don’t need to go get no operation, you don’t need to get no surgery,” the Atlanta rapper said during his set. “Get a nigga with some long arms so he can hit the muthafucka before they God damn hit the ground. You just gotta make better decisions.” Per the clip, fans reacted with some applause and a few laughs.

While announcing his biggest comedy gig yet, T.I. encouraged fans to follow his lead and go after what they desire. “Work your way to what you want,” he wrote. He also thanked veteran comedians, including Donnell Rawlings, King Bach and Chris Spencer, for schooling him on their field of expertise, and promised to make them proud with his forthcoming performance. “I’m gon’ tear dey ass up for y’all,” he concluded.

Shaquille O’ Neal’s All-Star Comedy Jam is scheduled to take place Thursday, Feb. 10 at Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California. DeRay Davis, Michael Blackson, Earthquake, Bill Bellamy and Mo’Nique are on the lineup.

See T.I.’s announcement and clips of his past stand-up routines below.