Last summer, The LOX and Dipset put on for New York in one of the most entertaining Verzuz battles to date. While hip hop fans enjoyed the show, it took some convincing to make it happen. During a recent appearance on Angie Martinez’s eponymous talk show, Jim Jones revealed he put up his own earnings for Cam’ron to participate in the competition.

“When Cam gets an interview, he’s going to say, ‘This is something that Jim wanted, he offered to give me his money to do this event,’” said the El Capo star. “Yes, nigga, I did. He took the whole bag.”

Though Jones was able to predict Killa’s words in a forthcoming conversation, he expressed uncertainty when asked if the “Hey Ma” rapper had any regrets about getting on stage with their peers. “I don’t know. I haven’t spoken to him since the Verzuz,” he revealed, explaining that he’s generally unaware of Cam’s thoughts or feelings regarding the event.

“I don’t know, Cam making a shitload of money, who cares. … Cam don’t care about too much, he makes money, and that’s what he cares about,” he said. Jones also claimed the “Down and Out” star, who he called “a businessman,” profited most from the Verzuz.

The news that Jones paid Cam’ron to be in the LOX and Dipset Verzuz is not entirely a surprise. After the highly-praised event, Fat Joe revealed that Killa nearly left the show before it began.

Cam’ron was on his way out the building,” he explained. “Not being scared. For some reason, he wasn’t fucking with it. He was about to leave Madison Square Garden. That’s a Joprah moment, you ain’t hear that nowhere.”

“Michael Buffer, he hears him announcing him and this and this and that,” Joe continued. “He has a change of mind, he turns back around.”

See Jim Jones’ interview below.