Just last week, Raveena made the exciting announcement that her sophomore album Asha’s Awakening is set to arrive on Feb. 11th via Warner Records. The forthcoming concept album tells “the riveting tale of a space princess from ancient Punjab who, through a fantastic journey across the centuries, learns about love and loss, healing and destruction.” To kick off her exciting roll out, she has shared a brand new music video. The freshly released “Secret” includes a feature from Vince Staples and is inspired by early 2000s pop and the cinematic sounds of Bollywood:

Boy, can you keep a secret? I know I’m the one you can’t have/ I know that I am your weakness, if you wanna play, I’ll call you back/ If you want the star treatment, you could find another girl for that/ I’m a flirt, it’s not a secret, wait a sec’, I’ll hit you right back

And now, with the pearls in my hair, hands up and I’ll ride you on the chair/ Hands tied, don’t tell them that I’m dirty, at the shoot, you were stunned, head turning/ Move it up and down like a cobra

Raveena also took some time to explain the meaning of “Secret.” “To me, ‘Secret’ is a song about love that traverses through different dimensions,” she says. “People on Earth are starting to have sensual dreams ignited in them by a space princess – someone they feel like their body knows, but whom they also do not know and cannot reach in this dimension. What if your lover was enticing you from space and you couldn’t reach them in this realm? What if a spirit from an outer dimension ignited your sacral chakra? This is what ‘Secret’ explores.”

Be sure to press play on the official music video for “Secret” by Raveena featuring Vince Staples down below.