M24 is back. Over the weekend, the South London emcee unveiled his new single “Exotic,” which sees production from Lekaa Beats and is full of the no-frills, street-oriented subject matter that M24 is well-known for, specifically in regards to recent legal issues:

“Young nigga, raised in the bricks, I was really outside tryna catch me a K, this year, I’m tryna make me a M, I can’t let draw outs get in my way, feds put me on a CBO, now when I rap, I gotta watch what I say, I had a eight on my block, no more, more time, I somewhere kway gettin’ paid, if you violate me, then I won’t forget, I’m gonna take that shit to my grave, say it to my face, don’t throw shade, cut that down, give him a fade…”

Courtesy of TV Toxic comes a matching video for “Exotic” that begins with footage of M24 being released from prison and receiving love from his crew. Things switch to the British rapper out at night, mobbing heavy in all black while surrounded by a convoy of high-end vehicles throughout.

It’s been a couple of years since the Angell Estate talent liberated his official debut Drip N Drill, which saw 12 hard-hitting cuts and additional assists from M Dargg, Sneakbo, Stickz, and Tookie. Since then, M24 has released a slew of loose drops for his fans to enjoy, including “Nikeys,” “Too Much Pride,” “Is It,” “High Right Now,” “Back In Blood,” and “N.F.T.R.” — he’s also provided some dope freestyles for Tim Westwood, Kenny Allstar, and Fumez the Engineer. Outside of his own releases, M24 has also contributed to songs like Morrisson’s “Gulag,” Stardom’s “100X,” Sai So’s “Demon Time (Remix),” The Plug’s “Fashion,” Pop Smoke‘s “No Cap (Remix),” Swarmz’s “Payslips,” and Dappy’s “Antigua.”

Press play on “Exotic” below.