/  01.30.2022

Part two of Janet Jackson’s Lifetime documentary revealed even more gems about the reclusive pop star’s life.

Fans who have been tweeting along with the documentary seemed to be perturbed by an admission from one of Ms. Jackson’s former partners.

While her relationship with superproducer Jermaine Dupri was widely publicized during their stint, many were unaware what led to their breakup.

Within the doc., Dupri admits to being “reckless” during his time with Jackson and explained how his infidelity ultimately ended their seven-year relationship.

“One of the weird things is that dating Janet attracts other women, girls wanted to talk to me more because I was dating her…and I’m a man,”  JD said.

What may have ticked fans off even more is Jackson stating that she wanted to start a family with him.

The “That’s the Way Love Goes” singer said that she had heard Dupri, who often was in Atlanta while she lived in Los Angeles, wasn’t being faithful.

“I had heard he was cheating,” Jackson said in the doc. “But there were other things … I needed more than he was giving me. He was a workaholic and he was constantly working — as soon as he was done working, after he would go to the club. I would ask him to carve out a little time for me.”

“I always felt that he didn’t have enough time for a girlfriend,” she continued “I would say work was his girlfriend.”

Twitter went into a bit of a frenzy after the news was revealed.

“Jermaine Dupri had Janet Jackson wanting to marry his lil Smurf self and was willing to give him multiple babies and he blew it by cheating on her?! #JanetJacksonDoc,” one person Tweeted.

“Not Jermaine of the Dupri blaming other women for his own infidelity,” Bossip tweeted.

“I just learned that Jermaine Dupri and Janet Jackson broke up because Jermaine was cheating. NIGGA…,” Marc Lamont Hill tweeted.

Another user tweeted, “a reminder that “confessions” is not about usher, but instead jermaine dupri.”

janet stans hunting down rené for being a weirdo, jermaine for cheating, and justin for existing,” tweeted another.

“jermaine was the luckiest nigga in the galaxy and still cheated. male audacity knows no limits,” @crissles tweeted.

“Not Jermaine Dupri giggling while talking about cheating on Janet Jackson— it’s time for the rapture,” another user tweeted.

“Jermaine resigned from the board of the Grammys in defense of Janet. He a real one,” one person tweeted in defense of JD.

“It’s been almost an hour since I watched the #JanetJacksonDoc  and I’m STILL stuck on this… Jermaine Dupri had JANET. JACKSON…and STILL cheated. BECAUSE he was with Janet. STOP GIVING THESE SMEDIUM UGLIES CHANCES,” @kellyeComms tweeted.

Check out more tweets below:


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