/  01.28.2022

Tisha Campbell is urging people to be on high alert for sex trafficking. On Friday (Jan. 28), the “Inside Job” actress took to Instagram to raise awareness of the crime via her eerie experience with possible trafficking predators.

“I need for EVERYONE to be overly conscious of themselves and their loved ones,” she cautioned. “As tonidrivera says, it’s SHOPPING SEASON where traffickers try to snatch ppl up!!!”

In a video shared on her account, Campbell — who is currently working on an undisclosed project — explained that she sought a taxi service because there were no Ubers in the area where she was filming. She called the number recommended to her, and a “sketchy-looking” van eventually pulled up to pick her up, but she grew confused when a man seated in the back stepped out and stood alongside the car. The comedian says the man, who she initially thought was being dropped off, instructed her to get inside the vehicle, but she refused and began to take notice of the car’s condition.

“I look at [it], it’s fucked up,” she said. “The rubber is pulled up from the bottom, dirt everywhere, the back looks like it got snatched out, and snatched out for a fucking reason.” Moments later, Campbell received similar orders from the driver, but she remained adamant about her decision. “I’m not getting in the fucking car. Fuck ya’ll,” she recalled saying.

After the weird encounter, the “My Wife and Kids” star said she returned to the front desk only to realize that the man who gave her the taxi number was no longer there. She then asked about the information she’d received and was told that it “isn’t the normal number.”

Campbell admits she “almost got snatched up,” but she chalked her survival up to her humble beginnings in Newark, New Jersey.

“If I wasn’t from Newark boyyyyy… If Tony Rivera hadn’t schooled me and my friends on what to look for, SHIT would’ve been real different. PLUS I don’t sound like I look,” she wrote in the caption. She also thanked production for “their concern and their understanding.”

See Campbell’s video below.



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