Jim Jones offered some cautionary advice for up-and-coming rappers while visiting “The Breakfast Club.” The Dipset veteran, who previously claimed that being a rapper is the most dangerous job in the world, doubled down on the stance while appearing on the show on Monday (Jan. 24).

“I’m just trying to give you a fair warning of things that could happen if you keep going in that direction,” Jones said to new artists around the interview’s 15-minute mark. “If you wanna do music, one of these things you’re gonna have to put down, it’s not gonna add up.”

“You’re either gonna do the streets or you’re gonna do the music because it never mixes; it never works,” he continued. “I’ve never seen nobody do that successfully, as we can see with so many examples in front of us.”

Back in 2020, Jones received backlash after claiming that being a rapper was “more dangerous” than being a soldier. On Monday, he said he still stands by the stance.

“There’s no protection for the artists anymore… Being a rapper is the most dangerous job in the world,” Jones explained. “Some of the biggest artists that we’ve seen come out this game are getting gunned down due to street violence and things like that.”

Speaking with HipHopDX, Soulja Boy recently gave rising rappers a similar piece of advice.

“I got favorite new rappers, but they be getting locked up,” the “Crank That” crafter said at the time. “Free the young talent, man. We got to keep our new talent out the streets. Every time I find a new rapper, they getting locked up. So, free the young rappers, man. I know it’s hard in the streets, but you can’t be in the streets and be a rapper at the same time. You got to separate it.”

Watch Jones‘ full interview on “The Breakfast Club” below.