Bow Wow became a trending topic on Twitter after someone asked whether or not people could name three of his songs.

On Sunday night (Jan. 23), Twitter user @mellyVswizik kicked it all off by writing, “Imagine a nigga puts a gun to your head and tells you to name 3 Bow Wow songs.” The tweet, which has been retweeted over 3,000 times, caused an uproar as people named several of Bow’s top hits and defended his influence on the culture.

“‘Like You,’ ‘Shorty Like Mine,’ ‘Bow Wow (What’s My Name),’ ‘Fresh Azimiz,’ ‘Bounce With Me,’ ‘Basketball,’ ‘Let Me Hold You,’ ‘Outta My System,'” tweeted @KirkWrites79.

Social media user @kingkulture21 wrote, “Niggas that tweet shit like this was born in 2007. Bow Wow maybe a meme to y’all, but we ain’t boutta act like he ain’t have hits. I’m laughing at the jokes in the comment section, but damn cut the man some slack lmao.”

“Not even a Bow Wow fan and I can fully acknowledge boul had a legendary run during the 106th and Park period,” tweeted @MrTeddyferro. “Why front on him? We only do this shit in hip hop. These rock acts be living off one song for 40 plus years and the genre stay hype for them.”

Twitter user @DreWay918 wrote, “Niggas really be forgetting Bow Wow had an entire generation in a chokehold early in his career repeat after me: ‘Bow Wow is an ICON!!'”

“‘Marco Polo,’ Probably the whole Face Off album, ‘Basketball,’ ‘Ain’t Thinking About You,’ ‘Bow Wow,’ ‘Fresh AZ I’m Iz,'” tweeted @amarilov3u. “I’m trying to figure out where tf yall were in the early 2000. Stop playing with Shad’s name.”

On Monday (Jan. 24), the Ohio native got wind of the viral tweet and took to Twitter to send a message to his fans. “Damn I’m only 34 and y’all can’t name 3 of my songs,” he tweeted. “I’m bout to start telling ppl I’m 56.”

Can you name three Bow Wow songs? Take a look at more Twitter reactions below.