Over the past several months, Digga D has been releasing a string of top tier singles like “Wasted” with ArrDee, “2k17,” “Red Light Green Light,” and “Keep Talkin” with Horrid1 and Sav’O — all of which will presumably belong on a forthcoming body of work, which is being titled as Noughty By Nature in various reports. Yesterday (Jan. 20), the London star dropped off another track titled “Pump 101,” a collaboration alongside StillBrickin that sees production from Aaron or Age and directly borrows from 50 Cent and G-Unit‘s 2003 hit “Stunt 101.” Fans first got a taste of the song via an Instagram freestyle back in October.

Much like its predecessor, “Pump 101” sees Digga D and his masked counterpart rapping about jewelry, women, and their preferred choice of weaponry:

“Yo, it’s easier to fuck these women with four chains swingin’, three rings blingin’, two straps rippin’, one shot out the Glock leave your head back spillin’, emerald cut diamond say I’m Pyrex living, how can I say this in a friendly way? Before we fuck, bae, I beg you sign this NDA, take you shopping, what, Louis or the Fendi way? Or we can stay in Park Lane, not in NPK, she wanna snap in the Lamb’, but I ain’t movin’ the whip, just run downstairs for a Novikov quick…”

Shot by Don Prod, the accompanying clip for “Pump 101” sees Digga, StillBrickin, and their crew enjoying what looks like a tropical vacation, with the group catching vibes by the water and hitting up clubs at nighttime. Elsewhere, viewers can catch Digga & Co. at a fly residence, mobbing heavy in the kitchen and catching Z’s in a home theater. Simply put, Digga D is currently living life to the fullest, which is more than well-deserved given everything he’s been through at such a young age.

Press play on “Pump 101” below — also including is a recent collaboration alongside Horrid1 and Sav’O titled “Bine.”