Gunna’s “pushin P” phrase has gone viral. In the weeks since he dropped his song of the same name, the track, its lyrics and the phrase — which typically sees the singular P replaced with the bright-blue P emoji —were featured in various TikTok videos, tweets and Instagram stories. Recently, IHOP hopped in on the latest trend.

Taking to Twitter on Wednesday (Jan. 19), the breakfast restaurant tweeted, “We’re always pushin Pancakes.” Getting wind of the post, the originator of the catchphrase, replied, “IHOP pushin P.” Gunna’s response was shared on the pancake house’s Instagram story alongside the caption, “With all this syrup, it’s drip season here at IHOP, too.”

Gunna’s viral phrase has also been used by La La Anthony, Kim Kardashian, Maury Povich, the Toronto Raptors, who have all gotten the emcee’s stamp of approval. The term even made its way to the news during a weather segment on Fox News. While reporting the weather in Texas, anchor and weatherman Nick Kosir, an avid TikTok user, stated, “The people of Texas are gonna be like ‘this isn’t pushin P‘, as that’s a huge temperature swing.” “Nawwwwwwww,” Gunna commented after seeing the post.

“pushin P” featuring Young Thug and Future came out two weeks, garnering questions about the meaning of the catchphrase. Attempting to provide an explanation, Gunna took to Instagram.

“They talking about what’s tea? Nah, what’s P. I took out a PPP loan for this. Okay, I’m pushing P-P-P-P-P. You feel me,” he said. “You gotta Push P. So this is pushin P, when you backyard and the inside and outside, that’s P. You pushing P. When you go to rent in these things, you Kickin P. When you go to on the Catch and spending your hard-earned, you Pushin P. P don’t just mean Playa, P also mean paper too. You could be pushing this P with paper too.”

“Being loyal is definitely P,” Gunna added on Twitter. “Now…putting your people in position is P.”

See some of the “pushin P” posts below.