Coi Leray has drawn comparisons to DeJ Loaf since the start of her career, but she thinks they are two completely different artists. Recently, while addressing claims that she bit the Detroit star’s style, she attempted to make sense of the recurring contrast.

“Maybe it’s the tomboy stud vibe we have in common, but we do not sound alike” Coi tweeted. “From ‘No More Parties‘ to ‘Big Purr’ and ‘Twinnem,’ nigga you cannot tell me we sound alike.”

The “Slide” singer has maintained that there is an audible difference between her and other artists. Nearly a year ago, she tweeted, “Coi Leray sounds like Coi Leray,” prompting a funny response from DeJ Loaf, who seemingly got wind of the comparisons. “Well I sholl wish my folks stop hitting me about it,” the “Try Me” singer said with a laughing emoji. “Pissing me and my homegirls off! Congrats tho Coi.”

Coi Leray is no stranger to social media commentary. Aside from criticism about her style, she’s been forced on many occasions to defend herself against body shamers. “Is there a certain way I’m supposed to look? Help me understand,” she wrote of body-shaming comments following her appearance at the BET Awards. “In the Bible is it a sin to be thin? Help me understand,” she continued. “I hope all yall mothers got beach bodies.”

The influx of negative posts targeting her once prompted Coi to consider ending her career — a decision discouraged by Lil Durk. “Almost gave up one day and he told me don’t ever stop,” she revealed. “Most artist show love from a distance on some weird shit, but this man right here believed in me, believe[d] in ‘No More Parties’ and been behind me ever since. He know a star when he see one, and I just wanna thank you for all your support. OTF FOREVER.”

See Coi Leray’s tweet below.