This Friday (Jan. 21), iann dior will unveil his sophomore studio LP on to better things, which will contain 15 genre-bending cuts and assist from Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Barker, and Machine Gun Kelly — the last two of whom appear on dior‘s latest single “thought it was.” Co-produced with Omer Fedi, the song sees dior and MGK delivering emotionally charged lyrics about loneliness in the midst of stardom:

I’ve been on the graveyard shift, I got everything I wish, mm-da-da, couple diamonds on my wrists, but I really miss my–I’ve been crying inside, so you can’t see my pain, the high went away, and they all did the same, broken heart that I can’t stitch, all the money in the world can’t fix this, I feel so alone in California, I got all these friends, don’t even know one, I lost my mind, chasing the feeling in the hills at night…”

Upon its release, on to better things follows last April’s Still Here, a two-track offering that saw a contribution from Trippie Redd on “shots in the dark.” Prior to that, the Corpus Christi, TX star liberated the EP I’m Gone, with housed “Sick and Tired” — another dope collab with Barker and MGK. His last full body of work, the 15-song Industry Plant, made landfall in 2019.

Check out iann dior, Machine Gun Kelly, and Travis Barker‘s “thought it was” below, along with the full tracklist for dior’s on to better things, below.

on to better things tracklist:

  1. ​”is it you”
  2. “​complicate it”
  3. “V12” feat. Lil Uzi Vert
  4. “I might”
  5. “heavy”
  6. “​dark angel”
  7. “​obvious” with Travis Barker
  8. ​”heartbreak3r”
  9. “​options”
  10. “​regret”
  11. “​thought it was” with Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly
  12. “sinking”
  13. “let you”
  14. “​fallin'”
  15. “hopeless romantic” with Travis Barker