Fivio Foreign is from Brooklyn, but you will never see him back in his stomping grounds. During a recent interview on Maino‘s “Kitchen Talk” podcast, he revealed that he stopped visiting his old neighborhood because he wasn’t fond of the energy in that area.

“I don’t go,” he responded when asked how often returns to his Brooklyn community. “Everybody be calling me, ‘come to the hood, come to the hood.’ They don’t really like you there you know what I mean. It’s like they don’t like you, but they want you to come, and then I don’t like the energy.”

He further explained that he would be blamed by law enforcement for the crowd that would gather upon his arrival. “The police, it’s like you go to the hood, the police think you’re the problem,” said the “Big Drip” emcee. “You the artist, you the famous person, you got everybody outside, you the reason why niggas outside yelling and wild’n drinking bottles.”

Fivio’s decision to keep his distance from his hood follows prior warnings from Boosie and N.O.R.E. about the dangers of staying in your hometown.

“Most rappers die in their own city,” the Baton Rouge rapper once said. “It’s a fact. And uh, you know, you have haters who was in school with you, and they mad cause they was in that third grade with you, but they don’t have that same hustle as you. You know they hate you for no reason. They hate you for your success.”

N.O.R.E. shared similar thoughts with Young Dolph years before he was shot and killed in his native town of Memphis, Tennessee.

“Due to the history of rappers, rappers are starting to die in their own city,” the “Drink Champs” host said back in 2018. “Be careful because most of the hate comes from people in the world that’s just like you so be careful. Love your city, respect it but also be aware that it’s good to be outside. It’s good to be other places, but you always check in.”

See Fivio Foreign’s full interview below.