Where has all the love gone in R&B music?

According to Ne-Yo, love songs are still being made within the genre — the tone has just changed over time. During a recent interview with Page Six, the “Sexy Love” singer said, “R&B music definitely has gone through an era that is much harsher than we all remember.”

“‘I love you’ became ‘you my bitch,’” he explained. “Now it’s like, okay, we got to move with the times but at the same time, love is not a trend or a fad. It’s not something that is supposed to go out of style. It’s like saying water is going out of style. No, you need it to live.”

The R&B superstar — who once sang he was “so sick of love songs” — said that mentality has dampened connections, and limited the possibility of finding “genuine true love.”

“I definitely feel like the way that love has been approached as of late may have something to do with why relationships are not lasting as long as they once did,” the father of five said.“People don’t look at it the right way. It’s like everyone looking for love got some conditions on it. If he ain’t got this much money; if she ain’t got that much booty. Or whatever.

“And that is always going to be an issue for genuine love,” he continued.

On Monday (Jan. 17), fans will get to watch Ne-Yo hit the stage as the host of the 2022 Urban One Honors. The awards show, which was taped in December 2021, was the singer-songwriter’s first-ever hosting gig.

He told Entertainment Tonight that as soon as he found out he had landed the job, he “instantly started researching hosts” that he admired.

“I love Kevin Hart as a host to anything, he always keeps it real light and funny, but keeps it moving. Jamie Foxx is always really good, he’s the guy. It feels genuine, he’s not the guy who’s gonna read cue cards. I’m studying them,” Ne-Yo said.

The 2022 Urban One Honors: “The Soundtrack of Black America” premieres Monday, (Jan. 17) at 8 p.m. EST on TV ONE.