A Chris Brown and Usher Verzuz has been highly recommended by fans, stirring recurring debates about which singer would take home the winning title. The latest star to weigh in on the debate is Cordae, who shared his take on a recent episode of “The Breakfast Club.”

During the chat, the rapper — who is promoting his new album From A Birds Eye View — was asked to choose between Usher and Breezy, and he responded with uncertainty.

“I don’t know to be honest. And I’m not trying to be politically correct, like, fuck all that. I really don’t know. We gotta sit here and look at the magnitude of catalogs and I wasn’t around—but the thing is, like, I was born…I’m only twenty-four,” he said. “I was four years old when [Usher’s album] 8701 came out. When My Way came out, I wasn’t alive for all of these things. I was, like, eight years old when Confessions came out.” Cordae explained that he was exposed to Usher’s music but was too young to be “outside” at the time compared to his experience with Brown’s records, but declared that both artists are “icons in their own right.”

When Charlamagne that God argued that Usher had “nuclear weapons,” Cordae chimed in and claimed that Brown also had some powerful ammunition. He then made it clear that he is a fan of both stars.

“I am a huge Usher fan and I am a huge Chris Brown fan…,” he said, noting he took his mom to the Usher’s Las Vegas residency. As for his thoughts on Brown, he said, “I love his catalog. I think, like, he’s extremely underrated. He’s like a real icon man.”

Ultimately, Cordae is here for a Chris Brown and Usher Verzuz. “I would love to see that, I would buy tickets to see that for sure, especially if they’re live-performing,” he said. “They might could do a stadium together.”

See the clip from the interview below.