While participating in the viral #10YearChallenge, India Arie opened up about her horrible experiences in the music industry.

On Wednesday (Jan. 12), the “Brown Skin” singer took to her Instagram Stories to share her views. “Seeing old pictures reminds me of how TRASH the music industry is,” she wrote. “SHEER and utter Trash. The music industry is racist. sexist. deceitful. It steals from artists. Trash. I’ll never heal from all of it because some of it shaped my life in ways I can’t get back. BUT! I LOOOOOOVE who I am. So, I imagine the journey was all meant to be.”

Arie added, “But those old pictures. The industry made me feel like I WASN’T beautiful. I can tell you some STORIES HONEY! But in truth – I was just WAY ahead [of] my time.”

While the “I Am Not My Hair” singer did not disclose too many details about what particularly made her feel the way she does about the business, she is not the only one who has expressed those same feelings. Last month, Issa Rae spoke about how the music biz was the “worst industry” that she has come across.

“I thought Hollywood was crazy,” the “Insecure” creator said in an interview with the Los Angeles Times. “The music industry, it has to start all over again. There are lots of conflicts of interest. Archaic mentalities. Villains and criminals! It’s an addiction industry, and I really feel for artists who need to get into it.”

Rae also said that she had an issue with how music is rewarded — in particular, from the Grammys. She said that an institution like the Recording Academy does not value or celebrate Black people and their contributions.

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