Next month, the successful “Power” universe will once again expand with “Power Book IV: Force,” which will center on long-time main character Thomas “Tommy” Egan, played by Joseph Sikora. As with each incarnation, 50 Cent has created a very dope theme song for said series titled “Power Powder Respect,” a BongoByTheWay-produced effort that features Lil Durk and Jeremih. As expected, “Power Powder Respect” perfectly matches the overall theme of the show with references to the streets, criminal activites, and — of course — getting to the money by any means necessary:

“The paper, the paper, paper, yeah, I gotta stack that, them diamonds keep blinkin’, blinkin’, we might have to check that, now boy when that blicky blicky come out, you get clapped fast, draw down with a lil’ jont, I match you like Pat Pat, come back when them cameras out, run your block, we kick that, come back at your funeral in progress and hit that, hit your back, the back, your bitch-ass won’t even hit back, you’ll be splashin’ in fashion…”

In regards to theme songs, “Power Powder Respect” follows 50 Cent‘s “Part of the Game” with NLE Choppa and Rileyy Lanez, which was used for “Power Book III: Raising Kanan.” Prior to that, 50 Cent and Joe’s “Big Rich Town” served as the opening soundscape for the original “Power” series and “Power Book II: Ghost,” and currently stands as the most popular to date. The G-Unit head honcho’s knack for cinematic sounds isn’t just in regards to “Power,” either — his wildly successful “BMF” show is preceded by 5o, Snoop Dogg, Moneybagg Yo, and Charlie Wilson’s “Wish Me Luck.” Hopefully, all of this will eventually lead to a new album, as 50‘s last official LP Animal Ambition made landfall back in 2014.

Press play on “Power Powder Respect” below.