Lil Flip has slightly altered his requirement to participate in a Verzuz battle. During a recent interview with Vlad TV, the “Sunshine” rapper revealed that he has marked down his requested price by more than 50 percent.

Flip initially discussed the possibility of going hit-for-hit with T.I. following years of beef, which started in the early 2000s over the ownership of the “King of the South” title. At the time, he said that he was would only take the Verzuz stage for a hefty price.

“A lot of people ask that. I don’t know,” he responded when asked if he’d be down to compete against the Paper Trail star. “It’s possible, but if Verzuz want me to do something, man, Imma need a real, real big bag, ’cause somebody makin’ some money off of that. Somebody gettin’ some money. You know what I mean?”

“But uh, yeah, it’s possible. It’s gon’ take a real nice bag,” the “Game Over” emcee continued. “Hey, when you the best, it don’t matter, It don’t matter. And even with the Verzuz , it’s crazy, man. And just to see two artists—it’s a dope ass idea though. But I’m Flip Mayweather. You put ’em in front of me, Imma knock ’em all out.”

After joining the crowd at the Three 6 Mafia and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony Verzuz last month, Flip is now willing to accept lower pay for the sake of some fun.

“At first my number was, like, [$3 million] and then it was a million,” said the Houston rapper. “But now, after I got a chance to go be on the Verzuz set in person and have fun, anything around the $500K mark is cool because I had so much fun.”

Look below to see Lil Flip’s full interview with Vlad TV.