Uncle Murda previously announced he was retiring from doing his annual “Rap Up.” But thankfully, the Brooklyn emcee changed his mind and decided to bless us with 14 minutes worth of bars recapping 2021.

Earlier this week, the 41-year-old Don’t Come Outside artist teased fans via Instagram by mentioning that the “2021 Rap Up” was “coming soon.”

“I don’t know what happen y’all know what happen y’all heard what’s happenin/ I said I wasn’t gone do it niggas knew I was capping,” Murda wrote via IG.

Not only is the song available on most major streaming platforms, Murda has also released an NFT version, because well — it’s 2022. He explained why via his IG on Friday (Dec. 31). “I know a lot of y’all probably wondering what the NFT is about. The NFT version of the “Rap U includes Rolex’s, PS5, BMF & Power Primere Tickets, millions of Shiba inu etc,” he captioned a post.

For those unable to acquire the loaded NFT version of Murda’s “2021 Rap Up,” don’t worry — the explosive lyrics should be enough to start your 2022 the right way. Murda didn’t hold back this year. He touched on a variety of topics, including Verzuz, Nick Cannon, Kevin Samuels, President Joe Biden, Adele, Lil Nas X, and way more.

“Bobby Shmurda came home, Quavo picked him up in a jet/ he happy to be home my nigga ain’t stop dancin’ yet/ He did the crime and some extra time when he got approved/ So, every chance he get he showing off his new dance moves,” Murda raps.

“Crazy how Verzuz became so necessary/ L-O-X verse Dipset was legendary/ That nigga Jadakiss was not trying to an ‘l’/ You see how he snatched that bandana off of Juelz/ Threw it on the floor, I’m like these niggas need help/ Kiss couldv’e beat the whole Dipset by himself,” he continued.

Listen to Uncle Murda’s “Rap Up 2021” below: