YK Osiris had some bad luck this Christmas weekend after burglars stole $5,000 worth of clothes from his car. The “Valentine” singer documented the incident on his Instagram Stories on Sunday night (Dec. 26).

“Man, these ni**as want to break in my shit,” Osiris said in one uploaded video showing his black SUV’s completely shattered back window.

“Y’all ni**as dumb, man,” he continued. “Y’all ni**as so dumb… Y’all took like $5,000 worth of clothes. Come on, man. Y’all ni**as playas, baby. We playas. What you breaking into my car for?”

Despite the damage done to his car and his stolen clothes, the Jacksonville, Florida native brushed off the incident in a follow-up post.

“I’m not even mad but damn lol,” he wrote in a Story upload. “MERRY CHRISTMAS BIG BRO.”

This isn’t the first stroke of bad luck Osiris has had this holiday season. Last week, the artist revealed he lost an earring that was part of a $325,000 set and offered a $60,000 reward to anyone who returned it.

“I really lost one of my earrings. I’m sick,” he wrote in an Instagram post, as reported by REVOLT. “Please if anybody finds my other earring, can u return them please.”

“Listen, if anybody out there that got integrity, can you please give my earring back?” he added in a second post. “These not no cheap earrings, I will give you a reward for it, whatever you want. Can you please give my earring back.”

Before he lost one of them, Osiris flaunted the expensive earrings, leading to ridicule from former NFL star Chad Ochocinco. In other Osiris news, the 23-year-old just recently cleared his $60,000 debt with Drake by performing his 2019 hit “Worth It” at the 6 God’s Toronto mansion.

See pictures of his car burglary on Instagram below.