Today (Dec. 17), 6LACK decided to bless the masses with not one, but two new songs to enjoy. The first is “Rent Free,” a Rex Kudo, Leon Thomas, FWDSLXSH, and E.Y.-produced offering that sees the Atlanta star speaking to the issues that he has been dealing with over the past year — specially in regards to a bad relationship:

“How you livin’? I heard you got more room, no roofs, no ceilings, you needed space to grow, now you have no limits, and I don’t even think I been the same since you went missin’, I changed but love I did it, yeah, ’cause I know you ain’t had to take that, take that, and I was thinkin’, ‘Maybe if I give you time, maybe time could erase that,’ faster, but it took that love, and now all your problem-solvin’ until this shit add up…”

The other song, “By Any Means,” sees production from Kill September and FWDSLXSH and is centered around 6LACK‘s past struggles and current successes:

“I done dropped in, I done clocked in, fuck a top ten, I am not them, this is off top, it is not penned, I am not fan ’til I drop gems, I had learned shit, and I stocked shit, and I really thought I was the hot shit, I was down bad, then I got lit, saw a lil’ window like a cockpit, this the same world, but it’s 6LACK’s world, this a black world, this a tax world, I done saved up for the AP, but I walked in with the black pearl…”

Press play on both “Rent Free” and “By Any Means.” Not counting last year’s 6pc Hot EP, it’s been three year’s since 6LACK dropped off his sophomore studio LP East Atlanta Love Letter — hopefully, an official follow-up is somewhere on the proverbial horizon.