It should be common knowledge that Chief Keef is one of the most influential rappers the world has ever seen. Even if no one admits it, the proof is in the pudding for sure. Since the release of his debut single “Don’t Like” back in 2012, the rapper has been poised for greatness. He was only 16 years old at the time making history, all while helping cultivate Chicago’s drill scene. To contribute to his already cemented legacy, Chief Keef drops off his latest album 4NEM. If you are not from Chicago, chances are the album’s title will go over your head.

During an exclusive interview with the Chicago Tribune back in 2012, Sosa spoke on bringing the spotlight back on Chicago and what was special about what the city started at that time:

This is New Chicago, new era. We got our own little flow. East Side. Like the West Side got their look, Houston, Texas got their look, now we got our look on, that we created, the new generation, the new era. We created the New Chicago thing now that’ll probably have everybody from Chicago rapping like this in the future. Rapping like – we set that trend and everybody rap like that now. Rap how they rap now. Everybody in Chicago starting to rap like, you know what I’m saying.

Little did he know at the time that he would be a main part of the reason why other cities make drill music today — that is what you call power and influence. On top of all of this, Chief Keef is one of the most consistent rappers the game has seen. It does not seem like the Chicago legend is slowing down any time soon. Tap in to 4NEM now.