/  12.15.2021

This past week in Chicago (Dec. 9) was one for the books. Reason being that fans from Juice WRLD’s hometown gathered to celebrate and commemorate the late rapper while collectively vibing to his second posthumous album Fighting Demons. Through the nearly sold-out event, there were a number of memorable moments that included some heartfelt words from Juice WRLD’s mother and Lyrical Lemonade owner/founder Cole Bennett. There was also a moment where the fans got a sneak peek at his upcoming documentary Juice WRLD: Into The Abyss, which will release on HBO Max tomorrow (Dec. 16). Of course, the show wouldn’t have been complete without performances from some of Juice WRLD‘s closest friends. Take a look at some of these precious moments below.


1. Juice WRLD’s mother speech

At the start of the event, Juice’s mom took some time to thank all of his fans for the love. She also spoke about he and his music’s impact in a short time span.

“I feel it, I feel your love. I appreciate it. Jared loved his mom and he would have loved the love you all are showing me. He loved you guys, Jared made music for you guys and he spoke to you through his music. He helped you through his music. My son touched your lives and he’s still touching lives. Jared also dealt with anxiety depression and he didn’t hide it from you guys. It helped you when he talked about it. He let you know that it’s okay to feel that way and there is nothing wrong with you. If you suffer with anxiety or depression or you have a dependency on something you just can’t kick. He loved you all and I’m here to let you know it’s going to be okay. We’re going to be okay.”

2. Cole Bennett speech 

Shortly after, Juice WRLD’s close friend and collaborator Cole Bennett reflected on Jared’s character.

“I had the pleasure of being able to work with Juice WRLD closely and do a lot of his music videos. A lot has happened since Juice has passed. Like everyone else, Juice WRLD wouldn’t like the pandemic too much. But one thing he would like about it is quarantine. He would love nothing more than to be locked in a room to make music with no interruption. It was truly his favorite thing to do. That was one of my favorite things about him was his passion. One thing about Juice WRLD is that he fucking loved what he did. He’s probably the only person that went from being almost completely unknown to one of the world’s biggest acts in just eight months. The craziest part was that he was ready — Legends never die”

3. Lil Bibby’s cameo

There was no question how close Lil Bibby and Juice WRLD were — not even solely in the music industry as executive and artist, but as family. The United Center was beyond elated to see the rapper-turned-music executive take the stage. As a loud roar of “Bibby” chants erupted in the arena, fans expected him to follow suit behind Juice WRLD‘s mom and Cole Bennett — that was not the case. Known to not say much, Bibby’s highlight was summed up into four words: “Thank y’all for coming out.”

4. LUCKI’s performance

Close friend and collaborator of the late Juice WRLD took the stage to turn up with the crowd. Towards the end of his set, LUCKI shared one of his best memories of the superstar when they both were in the same room with some very important people and Juice WRLD referenced LUCKI as “the greatest rapper alive.”

5. Ski Mask the Slump God performance

Ski Mask is another close friend of the late Chicago rapper and the energy was brought to the United Center was amazing, to say the least. Though this was an emotional event for the people, Ski Mask’s energy was enough to lift everyone’s spirits. After his set, he stated “Just got off the stage performing for my nigga Juice, shoutout to Revolt and shit! Slat Slat!” as he showed off the endless amount of diamonds in his chain.

6. Trippie Redd performance

The second Trippie Redd graced the stage, the United Center turned into a zoo. His presence alone showed his star power in the industry. Coming to the stage with a long black hooded coat (similar to The Undertaker’s), the star made sure he started things off right by giving gratitude to Juice WRLD as well as late rapper XXXTentacion.

Honestly I gotta give it up to Juice WRLD and to X. If it wasn’t for their music and their legacy, watching what they put down in their interviews and shit. I would probably be lost right now so R.I.P. Juice WRLD.

Trippie Redd went on to pour out a cup of lean on stage in Juice WRLD’s honor at the end of his set, making it 100 times more special.

7. Juice WRLD documentary sneak peek

Having an exclusive look at Jared’s upcoming documentary on HBO Max, fans couldn’t have felt more connected. He can’t speak for himself anymore, but he chose to have everything in the documentary recorded. Filled with many studio, concert and tour bus footage never seen, Juice WRLD: Into The Abyss is certainly going to touch the fans worldwide.

Long live Juice WRLD! Stream Fighting Demons now and be on the lookout for his documentary tomorrow.


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