RZA and Flatbush Zombies have a certified banger on their hands. Last week, NYC’s older and younger generation came together for “Plug Addicts,” a crazy number that saw production from the Wu-Tang legend himself — as expected, all parties make sure to deliver their hardest bars as a result:

“Put the pedal to the floor, got a shovel and a sword, we can hack him into pieces, burn them up, buried in feces, black suit like John Wick, she got the braid like Tomb Raider, I check the news, we targets, interviews with our neighbors, hope we make it out the state before they setup checkpoints, ain’t tryna see them big gates, won’t let them take me alive, and if you snitch on me bitch, I hope it eat you alive…”

The accompanying visual for “Plug Addicts” comes courtesy of SHOTCLOCK’s John Tashiro and pays homage to Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs, complete with the quartet rocking suits in what looks like an abandoned L.A. movie theater. Elsewhere, Flatbush Zombies perform their bars within a birdcage, which could be a nod to a classic scene from the Wu-Tang Clan‘s iconic single “Triumph.”

Via press release, RZA spoke the new collaboration with Flatbush Zombies, which marks their second after 2012’s “Just Blowin’ In The Wind”:

“I’ve had my eyes on the Flatbush Zombies for sometime now. Their style of dark hip hop lyricism is reminiscent of my days in the Gravediggaz. This type of collaboration was overdue.”

Zombies member Erick Arc Elliott further expounded on the connection:

“In a lot of ways I saw RZA in myself, as a fellow producer/artist. We are making history together at this very moment. The music he’s made over the course of his career had a lot to do with why I wanted to make music in the first place, it’s beautiful to see these things come full circle.”

Press play on “Plug Addicts” below.