Janet Hubert is recovering after being hospitalized over the weekend. On Tuesday (Dec. 7), she took to social media to announce that she’s returned home while thanking fans for their concern and continuing to keep the details of her stay private.

“Wow… the press and some of y’all are ready like vultures to circle the body…well this body will reach up and grab your asses and have you for dinner,” she joked on Instagram. “I am home, and my health is my business kay. To the many of you who helped me feel better with your well wishes… THANK YOU! Positively heals, negatively kills. LIVE YO LIFE, I’M LIVING MINE. #nowrunandtelldat.”

The actress’ positive message comes days after she revealed she was in the hospital. While being treated for unspecified reasons, she shared a reflective post about the dangers of holding onto anger.

“Don’t waste precious time people in anger,” Hubert wrote in a previous Instagram caption. “Yes people will do you wrong a[n]d you must fight for truth no matter how long, and IF you can get the TRUTH you seek…find love again as we have. Life is too short as I am in [the] hospital as I write this to all of you. Holding onto anger will eat you alive. But truth at any cost, Reputation is PRICELESS.”

The message seemingly referenced her past beef with Will Smith, who she blamed for her years of unemployment following her exit from the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.”

“I LOVE YOU WILL for being strong enough to tell truth and share your hurts and trauma,” Hubert added in her post. “Now we close the doors and live our lives PEACE OUT!”

Look below to see Janet Hubert‘s post.