Ari Lennox is letting her fans and supporters know that she is safe, days after she was arrested at an airport in Amsterdam for accusing the airline staff of racially profiling her.

On Thursday (Dec. 2), the “Pressure” singer tweeted, “Hey loves I’m safe. Thank you so much for your prayers and love.”

Her tweet comes just days after she was arrested at the Amsterdam Schiphol airport on Monday (Nov. 29). During the incident, Lennox took to Twitter to share that she was being detained for responding to a woman who racially profiled her. “I’m being arrested in Amsterdam for reacting to a woman racially profiling me,” she tweeted on Monday. “Fuck Amsterdam security. They hate Black people.”

In another tweet, she added, “Racism. Wow Amsterdam I’m horrified. I was so happy to travel and this evil woman… I’ve never experienced racism so blatant.”

“I just want to go home,” Lennox continued. “I’ll never leave my house again.”

However, the Dutch military police refuted the Shea Butter Baby songstress’ claims and said she was arrested for being aggressive toward an airline official, disturbing public order and public intoxication. “Our unit found a woman full of emotions that wouldn’t calm down,” police spokesperson Robert van Kapel informed Reuters. “That’s why she had to be taken into custody.

Kapel also said that they are investigating claims that Lennox threatened an airline official.

After the Washington D.C. native tweeted that she was safe, several fans sent encouraging words to her on social media. Twitter user @Lil_tank_tank wrote, “I’m glad you’re safe.. so sorry that you went through that dumb shit. The world can be an ignorant place fr.”

“I’m so glad you’re okay,” tweeted @random_weighs. “Please take the time you need to get yourself good. We’re not going anywhere.”

Check out Lennox’s tweet below.