/  11.29.2021

If you’re lucky enough to have heard of Mariah The Scientist or her music, then you already know the vibes she’s on. The singer-songwriter from Atlanta, Georgia refuses to be boxed into one genre and creates her own feel-good version of R&B while adding her own unique style.

Taking into account the critical acclaim that came with the release of her debut album, Master, back in 2019, it was only right she came back and dropped another masterpiece for her fans. The result is RY RY WORLD, a 10-track album spearheaded by lead single “Always n Forever” featuring Lil Baby. One spin of Mariah The Scientist, and it’s hard not to keep wanting more.

REVOLT caught up with the star at her sold-out show at The Echoplex in Los Angeles to discuss recording her debut album on the tour bus, how she’s evolved with RY RY WORLD, and more. Read below!

I heard Tory Lanez found you on SoundCloud.

He found me. He got a friend named who knows my friend Beija. She was playing music for him I guess, then he went and played it for Tory. He DMed me. Once I met him, he showed me how to record myself. Took me on a tour, I recorded the entire Master project on the tour bus. On his tour bus, crazy right?

The album with “Reminders” on it?

Yes girl! “Reminders” and “Beetlejuice” were on Soundcloud before. But the rest of it, we recorded a lot of the stuff. Shit like “Note to You,” “7AM,” “Disclosure,” I wrote that shit on the tour bus. Recorded them on the tour bus, that’s crazy to think right?

You were in college studying biology. What did you want to be? 

I wanted to be a pediatric anesthesiologist, but it takes a long time to do some shit like that, and it’s expensive. Anesthesiology is getting poked by a needle or IV, and kids like me. That really sounds like some creep shit, but I feel like they’d trust me to hurt them. That sounds crazy, but I mean they’d vulnerable with me. I tried but after you graduate undergrad and you go to medical school, medical school is so expensive. They don’t like to give scholarships for that type of shit, it’s really competitive.

Were you getting good grades?

I was. I had a scholarship at St. John’s. Girl, that shit was hard. College be hard, it’s just a lot sometimes. It’s definitely not for everybody, but I do still love science and I’d definitely go back. I definitely think about it.

Would you say the music happened fast?

Yeah, it did. I dropped out in 2018 in March. In 2019, not even a year, I signed a deal. That shit was crazy as fuck because my parents didn’t think I was dead serious. Once you sign a deal though, you have to be dead serious. That’s something serious. I wish everybody knew that.

Were you ever scared of being locked in a deal so early in your career? 

I didn’t really want to do it. Tory told me everyday, “Do not sign a deal.” They were coming with the budget, they’re coming with that shit. I turnt myself up, and they’ve been along for the ride type shit really. That’s how label shit goes these days. It was different before, but nowadays… I don’t know if it’s because of the phone. This generation is really you do the work, and the label, they’ll fund stuff. But really, you do the work.

I fell in love with you because your sound is so unique. I’m sure that’s how all your fans feel. 

I hope so! I’m trying to gain more fans now.

Girl, you had Los Angeles hyped! 

This is my third show. My first show in Atlanta was in July, it was crazy. I was so nervous. That shit was crazy as fuck. The New York one was 2 weeks ago, that one was turnt up too. This one turned up. Actual shows of mine, this is the third one. I had Rolling Loud.

Were you nervous for that?

(Nods yes) Oh my god, I was so nervous. It was a rap crowd. It was crazy. I couldn’t hear myself, it was weird. It felt good, the vibe was good.

How’s it feel to evolve from Master to RY RY WORLD. I know that RY RY WORLD is more focused on you. These songs are more about you and not nobody else.

I feel more turnt up. I feel like the world is mine. I could have everything if I work hard enough. The more you evolve, it’s an evolution. Everything is changing personally and professionally in so many ways, but I feel good about it though. I’m definitely learning a whole lot about myself.

How do you get yourself prepared before showtime? 

Do my makeup, and crack jokes with my friends.

How’s it feel to have Dess Dior open for you?

That’s my friend, one of my closest friends. She’s from Savannah, Georgia, we trying to go on tour. People really fuck with her, she’s really turnt up. I love her energy. She’s a Scorpio, too, like me. I like the idea of putting my friends on. Like my friend Beija, she be taking pictures. Dess be fucking singing. One of my friends that’s a part of my management now is literally my best friend in real life. It’s crazy to me, I love that.

What’re you most excited for next? 

I like meeting people. Like you, I love your hair. The vibe is all the way there. I like that stuff now. I wasn’t like that before, but now it’s interesting. If the energy is good, when you run into that, it’s worth it. It’s enjoyable. I really value that now. I’m changing, shit crazy.


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