After a years-long career in the rap game, Boosie is returning to the classroom. The Baton Rouge rapper recently revealed he will pursue higher education at Jackson State University in Mississippi.

“I’ve been coming to Jackson since I was 14, and I love y’all,” he said in a video recorded by Deion Sanders Jr, a current student at JSU. “Y’all love my stanky drawers, and I love y’all back. And I just wanted to tell y’all that y’all always been supportive of me, and it’s a big secret I wasn’t going to let it out, but I’m enrolling in Jackson State next semester.”

According to the “Wipe Me Down” star, he is eager to see “how it feels to walk around the campus [and] talk to girls with a book sack on.”

“I wanna feel normal,” he added. “I miss that part of my life. So I wanna enroll and be able to walk down the thing and go to class and try my brain cause I still have matter up there that needs to be explored.”

Boosie’s desire to expand his knowledge comes nearly eight years after he obtained his GED at Angola State Prison, where he served an eight-year sentence for conspiracy to smuggle drugs into the facility. His decision to complete his high school education, he explained, stemmed from his desire to be an example to his children and to make his mother proud.

“I’m always on my kids so hard about staying in school and getting their education and I ain’t got a GED,” Boosie told DJ Vlad. “I wanted to do that for my kids and for my momma. I’ve been putting my momma through so much since I was small. It seemed like when I got my GED that was one of the most happiest moments. I never saw her more happy. [More] than when I got famous. Me getting my GED she cried. She had tears in her eyes. So basically I did it for my kids—to lead by example—and for my mother.”

See Boosie’s announcement below.