After settling his differences with Kanye West, Soulja Boy opened up about the apology and the events that led to their previous tension. During an interview with “The Breakfast Club,” he clarified that the viral screenshot of a text exchange between him and Ye was real.

“Yeah, Kanye reached out,” he told the morning show’s co-hosts. “It was just crazy, like, that whole process of working. You know, doing the song and I just had to, like, sit back for a minute, like, man. Kanye got a lot going on. But I like Kanye though. All artists, all geniuses, are crazy.” While he admitted that he is also a bit nuts, Soulja explained that there are “different forms of crazy.”

“When it comes to Kanye, it’s just kinda all over the place,” he said. “After we spoke, I just felt like, oh okay. He don’t mean no harm. This don’t come from a place of ill will.”

Following the release of Donda, Soulja lashed out at Ye when he realized that his verse on “Remote Control” was left off the album. The Chicago emcee later insinuated that he was unimpressed with Draco’s bars. The act of removing his verse, Soulja claimed, was “selfish as a motherfucker,” but he also took issue with Ye’s public disrespect of his lyrics.

“Kanye, you drop the most trash shit, nigga,” he said. “You ain’t never dropped a trash song in your life? So that motherfuckin’ Yeezus album wasn’t trash?”

“So who am I to come to you and say, ‘Kanye, Yeezus was trash?’. … I’m not fixing to say that. I’m gonna give it a couple more listens [as opposed to] just publicly disrespecting somebody’s work of art,” he went on.

Soulja also claimed that Ye should have allowed fans to make the decision, adding he would have never been offended if the Graduation emcee criticized his work in private.

Look below to see a clip from Soulja Boy’s interview with “The Breakfast Club.”