Silk Sonic has a fan and potential collaborator in Wu-Tang Clan’s own Ghostface Killah. The Staten Island emcee recorded his own remix to “Leave the Door Open” back in July, and according to a new interview, he’s willing to work with Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak on a full-length project.

While talking to HipHopDX, Ghostface shared his admiration of the production he’s heard from Silk Sonic’s records while expressing his desire to jump on similar beats.

“Those are my beats right there,” he said. “Those are the beats they’re supposed to call me on and get on. You not supposed to leave me out of here. When I see Bruno, I’ma tell that nigga that you can’t leave me out of that shit like that man.”

While the Ironman emcee would like to collaborate with Silk Sonic, he admitted that the two artists are hard to reach given their celebrity status. However, he hopes that they eventually get wind of his wish to get together in a studio.

“I never hit them up because, first of all, it’s hard to get in touch with these guys,” he told the outlet. “You can’t even DM them. They won’t see it unless they follow you. I wish I could get to them and talk to them and be like, ‘Yo let’s do shit. Let’s do a six-song project just for the fuck of it.’ It’s music now. Let’s just do it. I’m ready for it.”

Ghostface Killah’s comments come as fellow fans enjoy the newly-released Evening with Silk Sonic.

“This Silk Sonic album is some beautiful music, nothing else to say. Paak and Bruno really did it I wish they dropped this in the summer,” wrote Twitter user @big_business_.

“Silk Sonic makes good music and they delivered a good album. I honestly don’t give a fuck what anyone has to say otherwise,” added user @callmedollar.

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