Last week, Emeli Sandé premiered her latest single “Look What You’ve Done,” a self-produced, dance floor-ready number that features Jaykae and sees the two unafraid to share their souls with their respective love interests:

“Undone like the zip on the back of your dress, she’s bag tidy, and I’m acting a mess, she’s the air to my lungs, I’m catching my breath, when I inhale her, put that to the test, yo, I’m acting the worst, she’s reacting the best, one day I’m gonna ask you the ques’, write with my chest, might smile like everything’s good, but I’m hiding the fact I’m depressed, yeah it’s not your fault, look what I did…”

Now, fans can enjoy a matching visual for the Garage offering, which sees Sandé performing and living it up at what looks like an underground rave. At some point, she finds herself walking through the rest of the attendees, who have all become suspended in animation — that then transitions to Jaykae’s appearance in the energetic clip.

The video for “Look What You’ve Done” also pays tribute to its director Luke Biggins, who inexplicably passed away last month. His unfortunate transition has since triggered an outpouring of condolences from a wealth of industry peers and loved ones. Via press release, Sandé added her own thoughts in regards to working with Biggins:

“I was so shocked and saddened to hear that Luke Biggins has passed away. I worked with him for the first time on the video for ‘Look What You’ve Done’ with Jaykae. He was such a kind, considerate and creative person. An incredible director. We wanted to share this video in memory of him. Rest in peace Luke, may your new journey be full of light ahead.”

Press play on Emeli Sandé and Jaykae’s “Look What You’ve Done” video below.