Over the weekend, Kodak Black and Sniper Gang celebrated Halloween with Sniper Gang Presents Syko Bob & Snapkatt: Nightmare Babies, which (as the title suggests) focuses mainly on rising stars Syko Bob and Snapkatt. Nonetheless, Kodak does remain prominent throughout the 11-track body of work, appearing on all but 3 songs.

Yesterday (Nov. 1), Kodak liberated a new visual from Nightmare Babies for “Super Gremlin,” a solo offering that’s produced by Jambo and ATL Jacob and is centered around what sounds like both a lavish and reckless lifestyle:

“Trackhawk with the kit, snatch off on the bitch, when I slide, night light on the blick, bet I’m on my shit when I’m outside, saw them, ran down, caught him pants down, nigga you shitted, I knew the perc was fake, but I still ate it, ’cause I’m a gremlin, yeah, cutthroat business, KTV, backdoor wide open, wait for my sniper to get in line, all you niggas gon’ die, time rollin’, bustin’ on my opponent…”

The accompanying clip for “Super Gremlin” shares in the darker holiday themes with shots of Kodak in different locations, wearing crime scene tape, getting hype in a padded room, and laying up with a women dressed in a costume complete with her lips sewn shut.

“Super Gremlin” follows “Who Want Smoke?,” a freestyle that Kodak created alongside Chief Keef, and “Killing The Rats,” another Nightmare Babies standout that was originally expected to appear on an album titled Halloween Bill Kodak. Prior to that, the Floridian star has blessed his fans with a few well-received bodies of work, including Haitian Boy Kodak, Happy Birthday Kodak, and Before The Album, the last of which contained 11 cuts and collaborations alongside Lil Baby and the aforementioned Sniper Gang collective.

Press play on both Nightmare Babies and Kodak Black’s “Super Gremlin” video.