Westside Gunn’s recent act of kindness helped an aspiring wrestler get one step closer to her dreams. The Pray for Paris emcee surprised athlete Alexis Littlefoot by paying off her wrestling school fees.

Littlefoot had been selling tee shirts in an effort to raise funds and pay the balance of her tuition. On Monday (Nov. 1), she took to Twitter to inform her followers of her progress and received a shocking response from the Griselda emcee. “Only $500 left to pay off wrestling school,” she penned, to which Gunn replied with a screenshot of his payment to her CashApp account. “Pay that school off,” he tweeted. “Right now, we got to work to do.”

Moments later, the up-and-coming wrestler shouted the “Julia Lang” rapper out for his generous donation. “Y’all I’m gonna go cry Gunn just paid my wrestling school balance,” she wrote. “Never asked big homie for nothing. That’s true love and support right there. Omg.”

In a subsequent tweet, Littlefoot continued to express her gratitude, revealing that financial hardships nearly ended her wrestling education.

I was going to quit wrestling school last month cause I couldn’t afford it,” she penned. “But thanks to my followers, friends and family for seeing me grind and supporting financially. I have never felt so blessed.”

Westside Gunn has long been vocal about his love of wrestling, which he’s watched since he was a child. In an effort to contribute to the sport’s growth, he invested in Master P’s House of Glory Wrestling school.

“I wanted to invest in that shit,” he previously told HipHopDX. “We did what we did. Just long as we the best at what we do. The sky’s the limit, man. You never know what the fuck this can be. This shit could be the biggest shit in the world. I just know it’s about to be crazy.”

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