Two law enforcement officials in Atlanta have been indicted for the 2016 killing of Jamarion Robinson. U.S. Marshal Eric Heinze and Clayton County police officer Kristopher Hutchens were charged with felony murder and more for fatally shooting the Black man 59 times, leaving him with 76 gunshot wounds.

In August of 2016, Hutchens and Heinze attempted to arrest Robinson while serving warrants from both Atlanta and Gwinnett County. An individual nearby filmed the confrontation, including nearly three minutes of gunfire from the two officers. There was no body camera footage from the shooting because at the time, federal officers and cops assisting federal tasks forces were not allowed to wear body cameras.

A medical examiner’s report later showed that the two officers fired 59 bullets at Robinson, leaving him with 76 gunshot wounds. His mother, Monteria Robinson, has been working since 2016 to get her son’s case in front of a grand jury.

“I had to fight them like tooth and nail to get here,” she told 11 Alive on Wednesday (Oct. 27). “I have had to make personal sacrifices I had to leave my job. I couldn’t even travel and go to work.”

The Fulton County District Attorney’s Office finally presented the case earlier this week, leading to the grand jury’s indictment. In addition to felony murder, Hutchens and Heinze are both charged with aggravated assault, burglary in the first degree, false statements and violation of oath.

“We are ecstatic; we are happy,” Robinson’s mother said of the indictment. “This is one step further in the right direction. As I stated, we can start a new chapter.”

The Clayton County Police Department said Hutchens is on “administrative assignment” pending the outcome his charges. According to 11 Alive, the U.S. Marshal Service has not said anything about Heinze’s current employment status.