Last year, Fetty Wap treated his patient fans to his mixtape titled You Know The Vibe s. Just shy of its one year anniversary, the Jersey star unveils his new project today (Oct. 22) titled The Butterfly Effect. The title draws reference to Fetty Wap’s late daughter who he dedicates this album to. Although the 17-track project is featureless, he does collaborate with new producers including Chopsquad DJ, Great John, while still working with FrankGotThePack, Brian “Peoples” Garcia, Shyboogs and CezBeats. Right from the project’s introduction track,

I believe everything the way is supposed to be I suggest that you be easy before approaching me, ooh/ I got wings, I believe I can fly baby I’m the rose that grew from the concrete/ I done seen everything without an eye, baby I can never let it slow and get it past me, yeah baby

It’s been seven years, it’s been seven years a long seven yеars, baby/ I used to wonder why I’m herеI guess they made it clear, yeah I’m Fetty Wap they gon’ remember me/ Fetty Wap they gon’ remember me, baby

Also last year Fetty dropped Trap & B on Valentine’s Day, a seven track project that highlighted his melodic flow. He also provided assists on singles like “Leck” with KDDK and Imanbek, “Jamaica” with Jay Burna, and “Fly & Fetty” with DC Young Fly. Other recent singles from this year include cuts like “Drill Zoo” with Ron Suno and “Leck” with Imanbek and MORGENSHTERN. In terms of visuals he has dropped off within the last year, he’s given us a fair amount including official cuts like “Homies,” “Gangsta Love,” the track dedicated to his home city “Paterson Legend,” “Klassic,” and “Way Past 12 featuring Monty.

Be sure to press play on Fetty Wap’s The Butterfly Effect project.