/  10.20.2021

Plies is addressing baseless takes about the NBA’s stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. On Wednesday (Oct. 20), the rapper took to social media to help clarify the difference between the basketball organization’s treatment of Magic Johnson after his HIV diagnosis and Kyrie Irving, who’s been banned from playing home games at the Barclays Center following his decision to remain unvaccinated.

“People Say The NBA Let Magic Play With HIV. U Can’t Contract HIV From Shaking Hands, Hugging, Coughing, & Running Up & Down The Court,” he tweeted. “COVID U CAN. HIV Is Transmitted Thru (Or Unscreened), Birth & Unprotected Sex. If Players Were Havin Babies, Sex Or Sharing, U Had A Point!”

He later elaborated on his points via a video which captures him offering alternate options for those upset with mandates surrounding the Coronavirus.

“If you want to make the rules, then get your own stuff,” said the “Bust It Baby” emcee. “Stop trying to tell these people to do with their stuff…If you tired of the mandates in your city or your state, then go run for office to change the mandates.”

In a follow-up tweet, Plies cautioned his followers against politicians who attempt to empathize with individuals’ concerns about the vaccine.

“Stop Letting These People (Politicians) Sell U On This ‘They Tryin To Take Your Rights Away & Force U To Do Certain Bullshit,’” he said. “B/c They The Ones Passin Laws Behind Closed Doors That’s Taken Away Your Rights & Tryin To Control & Determine What U Can & Can’t Do!!!!!”

Plies’ informative tweet about the differences between HIV and COVID-19 come amid the ongoing discussion about Irving’s decision not to get the COVID-19 vaccine. While the basketball star has riled up many, including Stephen A. Smith and Johnson, who claimed that unvaccinated players are “letting down” their teammates. Chris Brown, however, is one of the few siding with the Brooklyn Nets for his anti-vax stance.

“THE REAL HERO!!!!” he penned on Instagram. “I stand with my brother. WHOEVER DONT LIKE IT …. Go live your damn life.. ITS HIS CHOICE AND A DAMN GOOD ONE. ALWAYS IN MY BROTHERS CORNER.”

See Plies’ posts below.


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